Beatriz Uribe

Beatriz Uribe (Stockport, 1972)

Beatriz Uribe is a watercolor painter who began performing in the US. There was guided by Jim Black, renowned watercolorist living in Texas, and for three years not only worked as a watercolorist painter but also made painting exhibitions that led her to take seriously the idea to devote herself to painting.

She returned to Spain in 2006 and was graduated from the School of Art and Design in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, finishing her studies in 2010 within the training curriculum artistic drawing, technical drawing and art history.

The artists who travel and especially those migrating develop a greater understanding of how convey their message, regarding the construction of her work, Beatriz is no an exception.

Born in Stockport, Great Britain, in the early 1970s, the constant change and some visual influence had the power to affect and inspire her to become an artist since her early years. She received constant visual stimuli, not only in her surroundings, but also special people, Beatriz says: «I am fortunate to have been surrounded by people in my life, in my neighborhood, my family, with strong character, hard workers and with a great sense of humor who enjoy life”

The location and physical environment can have a huge effect on artists. Beatriz not only has been inspired by her surroundings, but also has been enriched in the inner process of creation, attitude, and sometimes abandon superficiality of the characters, ideas and images.

«If I meet a group of happy women dancing and enjoying, I would dream and pretend I’m one of them. To draw and paint allow me to create my own little world. So I’m using realism as an art form to create a realistic image unadorned, simplifying the scene of a world dream for me. »

She began drawing at a local center and eventually she was fascinated on figurative drawing with model; men and women; thin, large, of different races and ages. Part of this fascination came through the artistic design taught in school. When she moves to the US receives a huge influence on watercolor and she begins to paint with this technique. Both circumstances, the figurative drawing and painting with watercolor definitively determine the style and content of the work of Beatriz.


The admiration she has on famous artists as Hooper, Soroya, important watercolorists as Malcolm Beattie, Alvaro Castagnet, Jim Black, Roland Roycraft and Jan Fabias Wallake, contemporary artists Lucien Freud, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeny Saville or Dan Witz; somehow have influenced her approach to painting.

Moving from one country to another has had a strong influence in Beatriz´s life and her understanding of art, but when she returns to Spain changes her life and consequently her style of her work. Her view and philosophy of art is deeper, has progressed and is in constant motion. Everything has been put in place. Before coming to Spain was painting flowers, landscapes and people, and experiment with different media has allowed her to reinvent herself.

Her curiosity for all techniques has led her to use graffito, pen, watercolor, acrylic; and sometimes several at the same time making much of her works with mixed media as if it were a collage.

Currently lives and works in Madrid.

“My goal is to explore and reproduce human emotions, characters in moments of intimacy when they show body language and attitude feeling unique and vulnerable at the same time…”

Beatriz Uribe